Sunday, March 8, 2009

who wants to help me name those darlings?...... 
the first 3 will be their godfathers-mothers

thanks everyone for the great names !!! the names were given already from the same post at flickr!  and they are!!!! 

from left to right:

1. Conina.  Misty is the godmother (
and she had to write  a story about her: 
Conina comes from a place taken out of a fairy tale. A name cannot define it because it is simply beyond our mind's reach. Her blue eyes match the ocean back in her home land and the colors of her body capture the essence of freedom in her. It is for that freedom that she refuses to wear any underwear to this day hoping someday she will wake up a mermaid and what mermaid needs underwear.. 

2. Mop.   Highlandfairy is the godmother! (
Mop...She is the eldest of 12 sisters and lives in a round wooden house painted with dragonflies, deep in the Bukk mountains in Hungary.She lives off the forest food and has a huge garden where she grows Cékla which is like beetroot. She uses the skins to dye her own cloth to make clothes. In the Summer though she doesn't like to wear anything, as she loves the feeling of the sun on her....bottom! Mop speaks to the wild animals in the forest and often lets them stay in her house. Her shoes are made of leaves and grasses and she will sit for hours making jewellery out of flowers and seed pods.... Her sisters only visit once a year and they have a cherry wine and chocolate cake party! 

3. Claudette.  ingermaaike is the godmother (
Claudette she is called, this sweet girl. She has many talents but is most renowned for her ability to teach donkeys to speak. There are many lost abandoned donkeys in the world so she has a great task before her. She herself is not aware this is a special thing, she is mainly worried her hair is not quite fashionable enough as one day in the zoo a giraffe tried to eat it. So if you have a donkey in dire need of words, invite Claudette along and she will help. While she is at it be sure to compliment her hair so one day she may be convinced she is a pretty girl.