Monday, March 15, 2010

our shop name
is ''latrap''
a new craft shop + gallery space is ready to be born!
you will find there works from : psarokokalo, evrydiki, ioli, ingermaike, pinpals, fricdementol, efigee, matalou@home, trouve mon boutton , quat, nafsika, xmorali, the race behind the hill, laga, madame mo, brokequeens, daniela pais, yourdoll, hallelujah, sugar line, and more.......
toys, clothes, jewellery, children clothes, objects , paper craft, accessories and more...
every 4 months there will be a featured artist exhibiting his work.
we are also planning to do seminars and workshops on crafting and art techniques for adults.
thanks again to everyone for your help in making this happen
and will be hearing from us very very soon!
the shop will open around the 15th of april. invitations will be sent .
smiles ''latrap'' team.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

spring birds stay till summer