Friday, May 22, 2009

name those guys!! the boys are back in town!
those guys are from my naked boys series this time they are not so naked:-)
so, who is up to name them and then make up a story about them?
note that those guys are native and they should have a native name , you can choose a name from all the tribes in the world! thanks in advance for participating;-)
the  first 4 who comment will be the godmothers-fathers and they will have a link to their work at my etsy shop and on my flick

name: Kesh
godmother: amoronia 

Kesh thinks he is a 'real' man. Oh, yeah! He never cuts his hair, nor shaves his beard, for fear of losing his manly strength. One day, he meets a young woman who knocks him off his feet with her good looks. From that day on, he is her slave! She is flattered, but after six months she tells him that she doesn't love him any more, that in fact she never truly loved him, and that she will marry an old but wealthy man. Kesh shaves his head and beard, going around like that for some time. But in the end, he decides that he can live without this woman and actually be better off, and grows his hair and beard again! Now he is happy!!
story by amoronia

name: Juan
godmother: jealousydesign

name: Alberto
godmother: staroftheeast

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